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In the early days of online casinos, it was easy to find platforms that accepted deposits to their aw8 via Paypal. It should be understood that the digital presence of banks is something relatively new. One of the only ways to make financial transactions quickly in the 2000s was through electronic wallets like Paypal for casinos. With Ebay’s acquisition of Paypal, the e-commerce company began to ban the use of Paypal to fund casinos and gambling in general. These restrictions led to an almost complete absence of Paypal in casinos and non-Ebay financial transactions. As a result, casinos abandoned Paypal and turned to other payment methods. In 2010, Paypal reopens to other platforms due to the EBay crisis. Casinos start accepting Paypal as a payment method again.
The main disadvantage, as we have explained, is that it is impossible to use this payment method in online casinos. On the other hand, if you live in another European country or have the possibility to open an online casinos with paypal account from abroad, Paypal offers many advantages. Moreover, you will have to make a bank transfer of a few cents to validate your Paypal account and thus enter your bank details.