For the majority of my life, I grew up in a small town called Fallon in Nevada. I played with growing a beard while in high school and a bit after I graduated, but these were feeble attempts and not taken too seriously. I didn’t try until 2014 while I was attending Weber State University. It was here that I discovered I could grow a pretty decent beard, and that girls like beards! A key reason to keep growing it right? In any case, as my beard grew, my love for it did as well but so did skin inflammation and beardruff.

An Idea Brought to Life

I suffered through the agony of having my face feel like it was on fire for about a year. Every time I itched, flakes of skin would coat my shirt. I figured this was just a part of having a beard, and I’ve come to learn that this is a mistake most new beard growers make as well. So, off to Google I went, and thus began my search for a product to ease my pain, and what a pain it was to find something. There are so many products out there I had no idea which one would work. So I figured the most expensive one would be the best right? Not quite the case. I wasted a lot of money for products that used cheap oils and hid behind a scent that was so overbearing. I had to wash them out. It was these experiences that drove me to start making my oil, and it was then that my fascination and desire to learn about the skin and beard care grew.

I started reading scholarly articles on dermatology subjects and researching which oils were the best for my skin. I looked at other products and compared them to what these articles were saying. It was then that I came to believe that most companies only jump on the bandwagon to make money, and not to produce the best product they can. If you compare the majority of beard oil products out there, they use the same few oils and have the same basic scents, yet they charged sky high prices. It’s not that these few oils are the best for your skin, but it may be that they are cheap and easy to obtain. I was tired of cheap oils, so I started producing my own. Through time, and plenty of experimentation, I created the beard oil I present to you today. I never had the intention of selling it as it was mainly a hobby for me, but through recommendations from friends and unforeseen circumstances, I decided I would give it a try. The response has been amazing so far. I started with selling to friends, and then eventually at farmers markets. This year marks the time when the products go live online. I’m very excited to be at this point, but I will never forget the main reasons I’m here. I hope you love my product and that it serves you well. Feel free to contact me, and leave a review. I love connecting with people and hearing about their bearding experiences. As always friends…stay safe, and remain bearded.